Ready to Start Working for Yourself?

Grocery Outlet offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to independently operate a Grocery Outlet location with a unique mix of freedom over their store and support from an established brand.

Independent Operators own their own business under a license from Grocery Outlet, hire their own employees, and decide the best means and methods for operating their store profitably.

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Uncapped Earning Potential

There is no limit to what an Independent Operator can earn because Operators share in their store’s profits. As your store’s profits grow, so does your income.

Select Your Store’s Product Mix

Because each community is unique, you select the majority of the products that your store carries allowing you to localize merchandise according to your customers’ preferences.

Merchandise Your Store, Your Way

We never mandate planograms or end cap displays. You have the flexibility to merchandise your store and select the bargains that will “WOW” your customers.

Giving Back to Your Community

Grocery Outlet’s mission statement is “Changing lives for the better” and we empower you to change lives by using your store to support local organizations and causes that you are passionate about.

Control Your Own Schedule

While Independent Operators make a full-time commitment to running their business, you choose when you need to be in your store and the hours you will work.

Control Hiring Decisions & Policies

As a business owner, you control all hiring decisions and determine the benefits, policies, and employee compensation you will pay to assemble the best talent for your store.

Why Grocery Outlet?

Grocery Outlet is one of the largest opportunistic buyers of grocery items in the country, and we sell name-brand items to customers for up to 60% off conventional grocery store retail prices. Since we buy extreme bargains from suppliers, we are able to maintain strong margins for our Independent Operators while still selling at low prices for our customer. Learn More >

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Get our Free Brochure

Want to learn more about the Independent Operator program and if it’s right for you? Download our brochure for more details on training and running your own business.

Hear from our independent Operators

“The difference with Grocery Outlet is the ability to make choices for your store that reflect the people you serve because every community is different.”
Sean Wellons &
Mie Yang
Elk Grove Grocery Outlet
“You can be your own boss, be your own business, make your own money and have the flexibility to work with your family and your community.”
Ngoc Yu &
Thao Nguyen
Mira Mesa Grocery Outlet
“My worst day at Grocery Outlet is better than my best days at Safeway. It’s the best decision we ever made. It’s the independence we have as Operators that you don’t have at a conventional grocer.”
Sandy &
Jason Thorton
Dallas Grocery Outlet

Becoming a Grocery Outlet Operator

Contact Us
Ask questions and learn the specifics of the independent operator program
Meet with Grocery Outlet operators and leadership to find out if it’s a good fit
Paid Training
Get paid to learn our system with an experienced operator and build ownership skills
Apply for a Store
Submit your business plan for the Grocery Outlet location you want
Run Your Store
You’re selected for a Grocery Outlet location and start hiring your team

What we look for in an
Independent Operator

Minimum of 4 years retail store or multi-unit restaurant management experience
Full-time commitment to operate your Grocery Outlet
A desire to support your local community
Willingness to invest in the future
Willingness to relocate
Available Locations

Grocery Outlet has existing and upcoming stores in CA, DE, ID, MD, NJ, NV, OH, OR, PA, WA and WV. For more information on specific locations contact us or call (888) 809-1690.

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