Grocery Outlet Extreme-Value Grocery Business Opportunity

When your traditional career path hits a wall, go nontraditional

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is one of the largest extreme-value grocery retailers in the United States. We provide name-brand grocery items at up to 60% off conventional grocery store retail prices, with over $2.5 billion in annual gross sales. We offer a unique business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, skilled grocery, retail, and food service veterans to operate a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market independently under a license from us and be part of the respected Grocery Outlet brand. Imagine the benefits of being in business for yourself with the advantage of the Grocery Outlet name and distinctive business model behind you!

If you have a track record of success making other grocery, big-box retail, or restaurant owners money, Grocery Outlet wants to invest in you. Under our business model, we purchase all of the merchandise and consign it to your Grocery Outlet Bargain Market store. You manage your own team of employees to operate the store, select the consigned merchandise from our inventory guides, and sell the consigned merchandise to your customers. We build out the stores and continuously stock them with fresh inventory on consignment that each operator has the opportunity to select. You hire, train, and lead your team, doing what you do best, and then we share the profits according to our commission structure. We each assume different risks but share the rewards.

Grocery Outlet makes a considerable investment into each independent operator, providing them with the potential to earn significantly more than a typical store manager at a grocery chain, while sparing them from the millions of investment dollars it would take to build or refurbish a retail location and purchase inventory for their own store.

Ask any of our independent operators what their first impression of the Grocery Outlet business opportunity was and they’ll tell you it sounded too good to be true. There must be a catch.

But they’ll go on to tell you that there is no catch, and that their decision to become an independent operator of a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market was the best career move they’ve ever made. The only regret most of them have is they didn’t do it sooner.

Why now is a great time to be an independent operator

Customer loyalty to conventional supermarkets and supercenters has been on the decline since 2011, according to the Food Marketing Institute, but it has been steadily rising for discount grocery stores¹. Most customers today shop at multiple stores rather than concentrating all their grocery purchases at just one store. FMI reports that the percentage of shoppers without a primary store quintupled from 2011 to 2014, to 10% in 2014. In a survey conducted in 2014, 29% of customers reported shopping at discount grocery stores². This research shows that customers are making extra trips for discounted prices, and discounters are winning a bigger share of all grocery dollars.

supermarket for saleAnnual sales at Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets climbed from $500 million in 2001 to over $2.5 billion in 2019. We have more than 350 stores nationwide. We don’t plan on hitting the brakes anytime soon. It’s no secret that we have plans to expand aggressively throughout our current footprint in five western states (CA, OR, WA, ID, NV) and the Mid-Atlantic region.

There is an unprecedented increase in demand by consumers for discounted products, and Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is widely recognized as a great brand. There is no better time for quality candidates with a strong history of management and ownership to take advantage of this opportunity to become a Grocery Outlet independent operator by licensing a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market from us.

Infographic showing the total store increase from 148 stores in 2010 to over 300 stores in 2018

Why becoming an independent operator is an incredible deal

Founded in 1946, Grocery Outlet is a unique and simple business. Our company works with many notable national brands to buy their overruns, surplus inventories, repackaged products, and perishable foods. We purchase these items in bulk and sell them to customers at deep discounts, often up to 60% below conventional grocery store retail prices. Even with the extreme discount, these items typically yield a higher profit margin than traditionally priced grocery items.

Ask your average grocery or retail managers what they earn in a typical year and the answers range from $60,000 to $120,000, with most making about $75,000 a year.

owners of one of our supermarkets for sale

That sounds great until you ask Grocery Outlet independent operators what they make in a typical year. And we encourage candidates to do just that. As part of your investigation of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market business opportunity, you will have the chance to sit down and talk with multiple independent operators and learn from them firsthand how the Grocery Outlet business opportunity has provided them with a path to financial freedom. There is truly no limit to what an independent operator can earn. For anyone with retail or grocery management experience who is motivated to achieve financial success, Grocery Outlet offers an amazing opportunity to be your own boss and experience uncapped earning potential — not merely a fixed salary. We’re looking for outstanding candidates with the skills to succeed. If your current compensation doesn’t reflect the results and quality of your work, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out this business opportunity.

Lower investment, higher potential return

Depending on your background and financial qualifications, Grocery Outlet may offer you a financing package that can assist you with your initial cash investment.

Do you want to learn more about this unique business opportunity? Click below to read more or fill out the form on this page to download our “Independent Operator Information Report,” which will help you understand who we are and how our business operates.