Which Territories Are Available?

Grocery Outlet is growing. Here’s where you’ll find opportunities.

Grocery Outlet is a company that is aggressively expanding throughout five western states (CA, OR, WA, ID, NV). Since 2012, we’ve also had stores on the East Coast. In 2013, we opened our 200th store, and we now have more than 290 stores. We plan to aggressively expand over the next several years near our current markets, including a full presence of stores in the Los Angeles area by 2019.

Our real estate and construction teams bring our stores to many different types of locations. For example, we remodeled a post office in Santa Cruz. We’ve also renovated a bowling alley and a furniture shop.

Hellman & Friedman helps Grocery Outlet expand

Grocery Outlet has several grocery stores available on the West Coast

Our growth is powered in part by Hellman & Friedman, a private equity firm that acquired a majority share of Grocery Outlet in September 2014. With the help of Hellman & Friedman, we can provide above-and-beyond support to an independent operator and maintain a cash business with our suppliers. Suppliers know that if they have overstocked items, they can turn them quickly into cash with us. That’s why they come to us before contacting another discount retailer.

Eastward bound

Our 2012 acquisition of Amelia’s Grocery Outlet in Pennsylvania gave us an East Coast presence, which will better accommodate our manufacturing partners based in that part of the country who need to move products quickly.

We converted the Amelia’s stores to the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market format in 2015 and are in the process of converting those stores to independent operator-run businesses, as well. The acquisition has helped our business tremendously, cutting down on mileage to transport our goods purchased in the east.

“Prior to our acquisition of Amelia’s, the most frequently asked question from our suppliers was, ‘When are you opening stores back east?’ Now that we’ve acquired the company, we have stores back east and two distribution centers in Pennsylvania,” says Steve Wilson, Vice President of Purchasing. “The economic challenge for our suppliers no longer exists.”

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