Her Humble Beginnings Couldn’t Hold Her Back

Posted Apr 24th, 2018

Grit and determination helped Pam get where she is today

Standing in her newly opened Grocery Outlet store in La Mirada, California, Pam Brown shakes her head in wonder. “Opening the store is surreal,” she tells us and the pride in her voice is unmistakable.

Two grocery shoppers browsing a Grocery Outlet breakfast cereal and fruit juice aisle

For Pam, life hasn’t always been easy. She and her five sisters were raised by her single mom.

It was hard, Pam recollects. They didn’t have a lot of money, and at times it, was a struggle to feed the family. Then one day, her mom found a special kind of discount grocery store where she could afford food.

The cans the family got there didn’t even have labels on them, but because of that affordable store, they never went hungry.

For Pam, the memory of those times are still fresh in her mind, and the way Grocery Outlet is organized reminds her of those moments to this day.


Breaking Free From Corporate Control


Our newest Independent Operator is down to earth and practical. Pam began her career in retail at the age of 16 and for 41 years; she has worked for stores such as Target, Sams Club, Nordstrom’s, and Bon Marche.

As she says, “When you grow up with challenges, you learn to appreciate a lot of things.”

But, like other frustrated store managers, Pam found there were few opportunities to move forward. Corporate control, constant micromanagement and limited salaries create a ceiling that’s hard to break through.

When Pam was working in retail she faced lack of freedom and the frustration of not being her own boss. Her input on decisions as to what went in the store was ignored and she had no flexibility to help the community.


Creating Success Against The Odds

Traditionally, retail and grocery businesses offer lower autonomy. Regional and corporate managers control most aspects of the business and there is very little scope for individual input.

With all her years of experience and knowledge in retail, Pam knew she could succeed with this opportunity. She isn’t afraid to work hard for the things she wants. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would one day have her own business.

Grocery Outlet gave her an alternative career path where she can run her store as she wants, free of corporate limitations. Also, her earnings are no longer tied to a fixed pay structure. As an Independent Operator, Pam has raised her income and gained the opportunity to be involved in the community.

She also knows that her intimate understanding of the community gives her unique insights as to how to build her business.

Pam believes, “You have to learn from your mistakes, and as you get older you should appreciate what’s been given to you and pay that forward.”


Being An Independent Operator Allows You To Give Back

With Grocery Outlet, Pam has crafted a business closely linked to her community. She has never forgotten her humble start and takes every opportunity to improve the lives of those around her.

By being a store operator, Pam is able to give back. One way she does this is to help people grow their careers. She says, “I can give people jobs and promote them and it impacts their whole life.” Not content with only providing jobs, Pam has reached out to others to explore how she can benefit the community.

Even before her store was open, Pam had partnered with the local nonprofit, Love La Mirada whose mission statement is: “Bringing our community, schools, city government, businesses, nonprofits, and houses of worship together for the good of our city”

At the store’s grand opening, Pam donated the savings passed on to customers from the first hour of business. She was able to hand over a check to Love La Mirada for $2,468.

Opening her own Grocery Outlet after 41 years of working her way up as an employee has finally given Pam a way to give back. Now she treats every customer who walks into her store as if they were family; she has not forgotten the discount store her mom shopped at that kept here and her sisters fed.

Pam, like our other Independent Operators, found a solution to the dead-end realities of traditional grocery and retail businesses – Problems other talented and hardworking managers face every day.

Grocery Outlet storefront in early evening

Now It’s Your Turn

Normally, store managers are micromanaged by a corporation with no independence to do what they know is best for their business. You may have some great ideas for your inventory, or how to improve the business, but those ideas will probably never see the light of day.

On the other hand, Independent Operators have complete autonomy to choose the merchandise, execute creative concepts, and reap the rewards for themselves and their families.

As an Independent Operator, you can plot a career that allows you to use all the experience and expertise in grocery retail that you have accrued.

You can leave the conventional pay structure behind and share the profits of the store you run to free up your earning potential.

You can involve your whole family. Grocery Outlet’s strong commitment to family values has remained unchanged over the years. We encourage families to work together, something that other grocery retailers discourage.

Many experienced grocery and retail store managers have taken this alternative career path with great success by becoming an Independent Operator for Grocery Outlet.

Are you looking for a change that offers more freedom than you ever thought possible? If you have work experience as a grocery store manager, you’ve come to the right place. You will find that Grocery Outlet respects and appreciates the wealth of talent and experience each manager brings to the table.

Knowledge, creativity, and experience mean that our Independent Operators are the best people to run their stores the way they choose.

Independent Operators from across the country are making a difference for themselves, their families, and their communities. Don’t wait, now’s the time to explore the exciting opportunities that Grocery Outlet has to offer to you.

Schedule a call with a recruiter today and see if becoming an Independent Operator is the right choice for you.