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Grocery Outlet Celebrates the Opening of Its 300th Store

We celebrate the opening of the 300th Grocery Outlet store and the community that it supports The number “300” was quite a big deal for the community in Inglewood, CA on May 17, 2018, when Grocery Outlet opened its 300th store there. The first 300

Grocery Outlet’s Rapid Growth Signals New Grocery Business Opportunities

Grocery Outlet’s fast-tracked expansion presents lucrative career move for experienced retail managers The grocery industry might be a rocky road for some but not for Grocery Outlet. Twenty-nine Grocery Outlet stores were launched in 2016, and eight in just the first three months of 2017.

It’s Boom Time for Grocery Outlet in Southern California

Rapid expansion in region is welcome news for experienced managers in grocery retail industry. Despite a competitive grocery retail industry landscape in Southern California, Grocery Outlet’s unique business model has proven to be a winner in the region — in the short span of just

Grocery Outlet opens 250th Store

David and Heather Christian say the low barrier to entry and family-oriented nature of the business were key considerations. David Christian has plenty of grocery retail experience but he never quite imagined that he would one day be the independent operator of Grocery Outlet’s 250th

Small Sacrifices Yield Large Dividends for Grocery Outlet independent operators

Grocery Outlet independent operators might have to relocate, sometimes twice, but the results are worth it. Imagine moving across state lines to relocate for a job. Now picture doing the same with nine kids — twice. That’s exactly what Steve and Kathleen Stransky, independent operators of

Grocery Outlet independent operators in California credit staff for sustained success

Nate Harrell, a former Safeway manager, and wife, Dawn, say communication is key to building a great team. The Harrells’ staff members are great ambassadors for the stores and that’s mostly because Nate and Dawn trust their employees, create a fun work culture and don’t micro-manage their staff’s every move. The freedom to hire and empower their own team is one of the key reasons the Harrells were attracted to the brand.

How Grocery Outlet compares to starting a Save-A-Lot

Lower investment and consignment model of stocking inventory make Grocery Outlet a great business opportunity If you have retail management experience and are considering owning your own grocery business, the choices can often be overwhelming. Potential business owners looking to start a Save-A-Lot, for example,

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