How to Reward Your Expertise with Independence & Security.

Posted Sep 18th, 2017

Imagine a world where running a top-notch grocery operation, having heartfelt pride in what you do, and the satisfaction written on the faces of the customers you serve counts more means more than the pictures of ex-presidents on pieces of paper.

But is that kind of world possible? Undoubtedly.

A meagre life, maybe, but surely a happy one? Probably. After all, money isn’t everything.

Now imagine a world where you can have it all. A world where you can actually leverage your valuable experience in the grocery trade, and where your reward for still doing a great job is the same heartfelt pride, the same level of customer satisfaction plus a share in the profits you help to build, with unlimited earning potential.

Now, is that possible? Undoubtedly, again, and Grocery Outlet has made it so for over 270 of our Independent Operators.

At Grocery Outlet, we know that operational managers in big box retail only earn between $50-$100k (and only those running top-performing multimillion-dollar locations will hit the higher end of that range). We are also fully aware that these same operational managers have very little control over the day-to-day operation of their locations and are micro-managed by off-site bosses that wield more operational decision-making powers than them.

However, these operational managers, and, chances are, you’re one of them, are still expected to outperform their peers at other locations, keep employees 100% motivated each and every day, and ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction at all times.

Ever wondered why, even as an operational manager, you never have complete, authorized access to full Profit & Loss company spreadsheets? Simple. Those same off-site bosses wouldn’t be doing a good job by letting you know exactly how much profit your hard work is making them.

Here at Grocery Outlet, we believe in putting operational control where it belongs – in-store and completely in the hands of our Independent Operators. The world described above is certainly out there, and, with our profit-sharing system, it offers you enough ex-presidents’ pictures to feel fully financially compensated and rewarded for your hard work, your dedication and your valuable experience.

Here are a few of the great advantages of becoming a Grocery Outlet Independent Operator:

• Unlimited earning potential
• Share in the profits
• Complete operational control of the store, including inventory, hire/fire, and full P&L responsibility, and
• No off-site bosses making decisions over your head
• Ability to make a positive impact in your local community

One more question to answer then….

How can you do that?

First of all, meet Rick Leyva, now the Independent Operator of National City Grocery Outlet, in San Diego, CA. For almost 45 years, Rick has put his shoulder to the wheel in the California grocery trade, notching up 10 years at Fedmart, 28 years at Ralph’s Grocery, and a couple at El Super for good measure.

But, after all those years of hard graft, he became just too tired of being sidelined in operational decisions affecting his location, of not having the power to fully implement his expertise, his ideas and his approach, and standing by watching his bosses enjoying the profits of his hard work, with scant financial recognition for all of his efforts.

“None of them could equal… what I’ve discovered here at Grocery Outlet.”

That’s when he found Grocery Outlet, just as you are doing now, and he became the Independent Operator of the Chula Vista Grocery Outlet, also in San Diego. Here, Rick found his long-awaited reward in the grocery trade – real autonomy, real decision-making powers, a real share in the profits and very real, unlimited income potential. From there, he moved on to his current National City location, where you’ll find him happily today.

And who’s the Independent Operator of the Chula Vista Grocery Outlet now?

That would be Cara, his daughter.

You need to read on.


Following an initial year applying his undoubted grocery experience in Grocery Outlet’s training program, Rick began running his very own grocery store operation in Chula Vista. “I’ve been able to utilize everything I learned over those previous 43 years,” said Rick, “culminating into what I’m using to run my own business.”

It’s clearly being able to put his valuable expertise and market savvy accumulated over years and years in the grocery trade, and not to mention his own personal stamp, on a fully-fledged, large market operation that has given Rick a true independence to his hard work.-Not sure this makes sense

It’s about… EXPERTISE

Of course, Rick is exactly the sort of proven grocery manager we are looking for. There’s not much doubt that given his market expertise, Grocery Outlet would really want to speak to him further and in more depth following his initial contact with them. Fedmart, Ralph’s Grocery and El Super had obviously been good industry examples for Rick to hone that expertise. However: “None of them could equal… what I’ve discovered here at Grocery Outlet,” said Rick.

It’s about… FAMILY

Now, back to Cara, Rick’s daughter.

She grew up watching her father running the grocery store, and, after her college graduation, experiencing life with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and getting a sound business head on her young shoulders, she couldn’t help but notice the new drive and determination in Rick, “… just how happy he was and just a huge difference from when I was growing up and seeing him work for a corporation,” Cara said.

“Family… such a huge culture with Grocery Outlet.”

Having gained an understanding of her own personal goals, and seeking his fatherly advice, Cara began working for Rick. After personally mentoring her for over a year (and passing on a few grocery trade secrets, no doubt), Rick and Cara approached VP of Operations, Tom McMahon about the possibility of Cara running her own Grocery Outlet. “That’s one good thing about Grocery Outlet – they listen to you,” said Rick.

“We started the Sons & Daughters Program because most of our stores are run by husband and wife teams,” said Tom. “Over the years, we’ve had several of our Independent Operators approach us about having their children also run Grocery Outlet locations. Cara is an amazing operator, and we’re incredibly lucky to have the Leyva family running two of our locations.”

And, as Rick and Cara both agreed, “Family… such a huge culture with Grocery Outlet.”


Grocery Outlet consistently recognizes and rewards talented and proven grocery managers with the opportunity to become an Independent Operator. “I run my own store at the Chula Vista location, and Dad runs National City store, so two stores in our family… Amazing!” said Cara, “I feel very lucky and fortunate to have this opportunity.”

So, when all’s said and done, how does the whole continuing Grocery Outlet experience make Rick feel? He promptly replied, “The best thing I’ve ever done.”

You can hear (and see) more of Rick and Cara’s great story as Grocery Outlet Independent Operators here.

What Next? That’s up to You

Father and daughter, Rick and Cara are both now enjoying the real fruits of being Grocery Outlet Independent Operators:

• Unlimited earning potential
• Share in the profits
• Complete operational control
• Providing a valid and positive contribution to the community
• Grocery Outlet’s true sense of family, and
• Recognition and support of your entrepreneurial spirit

If their story has whetted your appetite for what Grocery Outlet can do for you, why not just ask?

You can get the ball rolling by simply clicking here and enroll in our no-obligation mutual evaluation process where you’ll learn:

• Why Grocery Outlet Independent Operators earn more than conventional grocery managers, and
• What grocery business and entrepreneurial skills you need to qualify to run your own store.

“The best thing I’ve ever done.”

As Rick and Cara have learned, it’s all about independence, expertise, family, and opportunity.

Now, isn’t it about time you stopped chasing those ex-presidents and finally rewarded your grocery market expertise with real independence and security for you and your family?

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