How Grocery and Retail Managers Are Breaking Through the Income Ceiling

Posted Feb 16th, 2018

Leverage your grocery or retail manager career for more income and flexibility with Grocery Outlet.

If you have been managing a grocery or big box retail store for a few years, you may be wondering: What’s next?

In the conventional grocery retail business, there are very few advancement opportunities for store managers. Many of them hit the ceiling and wonder what to do to break through the limited salaries and corporate control.

After all these years in the business, you’re confident that you have the knowledge and experience to make a bigger difference for your family and in your community.

Yet the low autonomy offered by traditional grocery and retail businesses where managers are micromanaged by regional and corporate executives doesn’t give you the creative leeway to do what you know is best for your store.

For example, you might have some good ideas about the right selection of merchandise or how to involve the community to build the business’s presence… only to get overlooked by corporate because they don’t understand the unique condition of your location.

Grocery Outlet Success Stories Are Everywhere

What if we told you that you can craft a career path that allows you to apply your experience and expertise in grocery retail creatively and autonomously while sharing the profits of the store you run so that your earning potential is no longer tied to conventional pay structure?

Many experienced grocery and retail store managers have taken this alternative career path with great success by becoming an Independent Operator for Grocery Outlet.


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Independent Operators from across the country are making a difference for themselves, their families, and their communities:

The Wheelers Make It a Family Affair

Sara and Paul partnered with us here at Grocery Outlet so they can have the flexibility to spend more time with their three kids.

As Independent Operators, Sara and Paul not only raised their income but also have the opportunity to be involved in their community and impart valuable lessons to their children, such as giving back.

In addition, Sara appreciates the autonomy as a business owner. “If I need to leave to go to one of my kids’ school events – I can, if they have a doctor’s appointment – I can go. I don’t have to ask anyone. The kids even come to the store; I couldn’t take my kids to work with me before,” she says.

The Muzios Have Had Complete Control and Autonomy from Day One

Bill and Liz Muzio started their training with some financial assistance from us at Grocery Outlet thanks to Bill’s passion for and background in retail, desire to give back to the community, and a proven track record of success in his career.

With our support and training, Bill and Liz were able to hit the ground running from day one.

“Literally, from week one to opening up, everything was exactly how it had been represented, if not better. You had the full autonomy, the freedom, and you had the luxury of doing it your way from day one,” said Bill, “This is the real deal.”

Bill also emphasized that the autonomy allows them to make decisions that are right for their customers and their families.

The Leyvas Built a Formidable Father & Daughter Team

Before becoming an Independent Operator, Rick Leyva had 45 years of experience as a grocery store manager, working for three large companies. However, none could match his partnership with Grocery Outlet.

He attributes his success to our effective training program. When his daughter Cara saw how happy he was, he decided to mentor her.

Rick approached a corporate executive who encouraged him to involve his family in the business – an important value of our culture here at Grocery Outlet that’s hard to come by in the grocery retail industry.

Today, Cara operates her own store and runs a successful business at the age of 26.

An Alternative Career Path for Grocery and Retail Store Managers

Here are just a few ways you can benefit from a partnership with us at Grocery Outlet:

  • Take control of your income through a profit-sharing structure that isn’t limited to what “corporate” thinks your time is worth.
  • Have the autonomy to select your merchandise, implement your creative ideas, and be rewarded for your innovative spirit.
  • Work with your family members or simply have more flexibility to spend time with your loved ones. 
  • Serve your community in a meaningful way with more resources at your disposal.

How to Become an Independent Operator for Grocery Outle

As an Independent Operator, you’ll own your company and some equipment while Grocery Outlet owns the real estate and inventory.

The inventory will be provided to you on consignment, and you’ll split your store’s profit margin with us.

A small investment to purchase your store equipment is required to start. As an Independent Operator, you’ll have the autonomy to hire your staff, make your merchandise selection, manage your store, and decide how to get involved with the community.

Ready to break through the ceiling and explore this exciting career path to leverage your grocery or retail manager experience? Get our Business Opportunity Information Report to find out more.

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