Grocery Outlet Rewards Creativity and Passion in Independent Operators

Posted Aug 22nd, 2017

Not every grocery business opportunity is made equal. Here’s how Grocery Outlet stands out.

Ryan Thoma was just 17 when he found his first job with Grocery Outlet in Yuba City, CA. His high school sweetheart, Jenice, who is now his wife, also worked at Grocery Outlet back then as a cashier. When the two decided to get married and plan for their future, a grocery business opportunity did not seem to be in the cards. Ryan was sure he was going to go into law enforcement and Jenice wanted to be a nurse.

Portrait of Independent Operators Jenice and Ryan Thoma
Jenice and Ryan Thoma are Independent Operators of the Jackson, CA, Grocery Outlet. They have been with Grocery Outlet since they were high schoolers and have moved up through the ranks.

But the more they watched their bosses, Independent Operators Dane and Jami Dorsey, run their Grocery Outlet, the more the Thomas were convinced that the grocery business just might be their ticket to balancing work and family life. After two years of intensive training as Aspiring Operators in Training, Ryan and Jenice are now Independent Operators of the Jackson, CA, Grocery Outlet store.

Grocery Outlet rewards creative and passionate professionals

The Thomas’ case is hardly unique at Grocery Outlet. Independent Operators come from grocery retail backgrounds, other retail outlets or, like the Thomas, rise up through the ranks at Grocery Outlet and are rewarded for their creativity and passion.

The Thomas are especially grateful that they didn’t have to invest a lot of money upfront to take advantage of the grocery business opportunity. “We were 23 and I was making minimum wage and Ryan was making close to minimum wage, so we had to finance the store and Grocery Outlet was just so great in helping us out with that,” Jenice says.

The Thomas moved around various Grocery Outlet stores from Sacramento to Vacaville to the Midtown Sacramento location before settling in on Jackson. The moves coincided with their sales decisions and their desire to raise a family in a quieter town. “We’re hoping to stay put in Jackson for at least the next fifteen years or more,” Ryan says, adding that they love Jackson as a place to bring up their six-year-old daughter, Nyah, and their two-year-old son, Todd.

Grocery Outlet Independent Operators enjoy work-family balance

Ryan and Jenice say that Grocery Outlet stood out as a way to balance family and work. “We wanted to be able to see each other and we quickly realized that it would be difficult as a cop and a nurse,” Jenice says.

The Thomas now employ a well-trained staff of thirty, so Ryan and Jenice have the freedom to take time off if they want to. Occasionally they even sneak off to a matinee movie if the day’s work has been wrapped up.

The best part about Grocery Outlet is the ability to make money with no cap on earnings and no interference from corporate, Ryan says. Independent Operators stock deeply discounted name brand goods on consignment basis and share equally in the profits with Grocery Outlet.

It’s been a winning formula for Ryan and Jenice and many other Independent Operators. “We don’t just get a paycheck here, it’s so much more than that. The sky’s the limit with the earnings; the harder you work, the more you make,” Ryan says. Jenice agrees. “Grocery Outlet really gives Independent Operators the opportunity of a lifetime to be in charge of their own business, and we absolutely love it.”

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If you’re interested in learning more about our grocery business opportunity and how you can leverage your experience to own your own business, we urge you to consider Grocery Outlet. You can download our free information report for more details about our business and grocery manager responsibilities, or learn more by visiting our research pages.

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